AV.IRA Is a AV Spirit box app, Its still in beta stage, feel free to test..
Now since version 1.2 The Ai system "GEN-II" Is activated and now runs the whole spirit box autonomously.

AV.IRA Is the first ever APP To use Video based spirit for ITC
Record your own video or use custom made video banks via the download section in the menu.
The app uses 2 audio banks in conjunction with the video element giving a dual mode spirit box with video and audio Combine with AI Technology this is truly a one of a kind experience in App based ITC Software
At AppyDroid we constantly strive to bring you the most advanced tech ITC Apps available in the industry  

Please note: this app is unavailable until the minor bug's are fixed, Has issues with a lot of devices so we pulled it from google play for the duration of testing.

AD-III, Femme Force Edition, The same function as the AD-III But custom built to support Femme Force, fan's & followers, This special edition is now available on Google Play..

Speech generators have been used by paranormal investigators for years, Due to their simplicity and ease of use, they quickly came one of the saught after tool's int he paranormal tool kit. AppyDroid take this to a new level and introduce Gen - 2 Our Ai system into this app to provide 4 layers of analysis and deciphering before the is chosen, Not a random process like other app's, it uses Ai technology to completely operate the app, Simple on and off function.

.No radio interference
.No audio banks
.No technical knowledge

.Live data readouts

Appydroid spirit box, The original, This was our first attempt at a live radio spirit box, Since android developers have no access to the radio API On most devices, We opted the use of public domain Live IP Radio broadcasts, We also implemented a Frequency noise generator which mimics the noise from a sweeping radio, One of our first Noise emulation systems, Many found the App very creepy and responses were quite often correct, making this one of the most creepy apps we ever produced, Since the lollipop update was released it broke the app for those android version devices forcing the development to stop on it, We since released a ported edition to keep the app in working order for future use by non lollipop devices. A special 100k edition was released to mark the 100,000 download milestone, This number is still staggeringly growing every day.. 

ORP-SB, Was another collaboration effort with the paranormal group "Other Realms paranormal" The spirit box was a re branded custom AD-II And was supposed to feature many other tools and pre set's But was never released due to the Groups breakdown during the conflicts in the paranormal Scene at the time. Only few people managed to get this version, Once we locate the source file, We may make the exception and release it as a unique version, We also released several other custom edition AD-II's but most of the owners did not release them to the public even with a special modified release licence to do so. 

Ghost Writer Paranormal Drawing Aid, Is a tool used to create images from spiritual influences, The concept is the same as for the spirit Board except it uses the devices orientation sensor or screen touch to draw images based on your movements and input.

What message or image will you receive

EVP STUDIO, Is the new app to replace EVP Recorder and detector, It removes the other experimental features and concentrates mostly on Old Skool EVP Method's to capture EVP, Using a static CRT Emulation panel and White noise frequency generator to help evoke a EVP Response, covering the visual and noise aspect of CRT ITC, We hope to achieve EVP Capture and other paranormal instances, "NOTE a recorder or camera is required" A built in recorder is included for stand alone operation, But the added CRT Visuals will not be recorded. At very least the App is capable of EVP Capture, The CRT Emulation is Experimental.

HellBox, Was one of our first Spirit Boxes to use and feature AI Technology, The App would function and autonomously configure settings and other parameters on its own accord, Using some simple trigger methods, we got the AI To think of up to 6 various unique parameters to change per Pulse cycle, Which is a moment where audio is let through as the AI Chooses it to, Due to the Name and methods of the spirit box uses we offer this one at a small cost to stop children downloading it, Its since been one of our most controversial spirit boxes to date.

The app was also one of our first to feature a bank only system using reversed audio files and the ability to record and set your own banks quickly made it a top seller for us.  We also released a Femme Force edition for the collaboration efforts from Femme Force founder "Cindie Harper" Which took the app to very haunted and active locations for testing purposes, RISKING life in some cased to help in the development of the HellBox, We have since been enduring in more future projects to find out if app's are indeed a valuable tool in the field. The Femme Force edition is free of charge and Also Available on Google Play.

RAPTOR Spirit Box, Is a traditional Spirit box emulator which closely mimics a traditional radio / hackshack spiritbox,  It is capable of delivering a extremely fast 30ms sweep rate and the slowest is around 150-200 ms which is on par with other physical Ghostboxes, This app is designed for professional or amateur Ghost hunters or ITC Enthusiasts with experience on Spirit box usage,  

The app is also using the Gen-II Ai from the ParaTek app to trigger the radio bank, 
The radio bank is a built in audio bank which contains chopped up radio broadcasts @ 100ms 
No full words should be heard, Not even on the slowest setting.

AD-III, Is the cream of the crop. Brings the very best from all of our apps and brings them onto one App, The best features you liked are used in some way or form, It also uses our new GEN-II AI System, Which is much faster and more capable, Giving up to 6 unique bank control and it configures each bank by it self in real time to where the previous Gen-1 Could only do one bank every 1-3 seconds, The App also features "Meet GEN-II" Mode, which is a interactive service which allows users to interact with the AI Controller to do various function's and also assist with other things like start camera using voice inputs, Its one of the most advanced Spirit Boxes to date, offering a wealth of technology in a small package, Since lots of inputs and controls are AI Or voice activated it leaves the User interface clean and clutter free Making it one of the easiest Apps to use that we offer...

AD-II Spirit Box, The predecessor to the original AppyDroid spirit box, It was the first ever HYBRID Spirit box on the mobile platform, Features 10 bank linear sweeping IP Radio, Or 10 banks of recorded IP Radio banks for Offline use, The system can reproduce some incredible sweep rate speeds making it one of the fastest IP Spirit boxes we have made to date with a refresh rate of up to 0.5ms all the way up to 800ms, the sheer speed offers very minimal chance of false positives, Meaning stray words from DJ's or other broadcasts, With scan rates faster than any hackshack or purpose made spirit box it quickly became the ideal goto App for many investigators, The finale build of the AD-II Also featured recorder and reverb for offline banks, as requested by many user's

EVP Recorder with detector. One of the very first and most successful App's with a staggering 350,000 Downloads and counting, The app comprises of EVP Recorders in 2 modes Auto and Manual recording. Auto mode is geared towards beginners in the Field of EVP capture, It auto ask's questions common used by investigators at a set duration configurable with slider controls, Manual mode is fully manual operation with limitless recording Ideal for novice to professional investigators or people who have the general idea on how to conduct a EVP Session. The app also features some other Experimental software such as detector and electronic field detector "Pulse mode" and various other tools such as camera and video camera quick access buttons. The most common question asked "is this real?" Well yes! Its the only app i create which still when conducted correctly can and does produce EVP, Now frequency of usage and method used will count for your success in actual EVP Capture, A common misconception is the App makes it easier to do this.. Well we provide more tools than the average recorder which can be bought, and similar or better results may occur, But the app is capable of EVP As with any recording device is.. Its not designed to be the best, Its free and ideal for beginners or avid to professional investigators in the paranormal field.

The Steve Hultay Box, This app was one of our second collaboration efforts with the Ghost box maker Steve Hultay, We built this app to solve the problem of live sweep rate manipulation for the end user, Which since the App merely streams the content from Steve Hultay's live Ghostbox, The issue remained for the user to give desired control over speed, We solved this problem with a secondary buffering file which acted as a temporary smoothing noise to allow the app to buffer and load at a desired speed, The app is favoured by mostly ITC Researchers because of internet requirements making it not ideal for remote locations But still proved a valuable tool for many users.

Seismic Pendulum board for real spirit communication.

The App uses your devices on board accelerator to detect vibrations, Normal the accelerator detects slight moments of the XYZ AXIS,  Which are too low so i added some complex math to enhance the levels of sensitivity.

How to use.

Hold device flat in hand and press power button, The pendulum will appear and float about the screen, Try to focus on keeping it centered on the big red circle, It will shake and move, this is normal, What you are looking for is it moving to letters or numbers without your deliberate input,  Imagine the pendulum dangling from a invisible chain, When you are certain its pointing to a letter or number Remember or have an assistant remember or write down.. It may help to use a video recorder to recall the letters if using alone. 

Will you get a message from spirit?  Try it today.

With collaboration comes excellence and standards, The ability to evolve ITC And better the paranormal community